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OPISSC Voluntary Accreditation

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PO Box 182001
Columbus, OH 43218-2001

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Ohio Private Investigation & Security Services Commission
Voluntary Accreditation Program

Ohio Private Investigation & Security Services Commission (OPISSC) and PISGS teamed up to establish this voluntary program for Ohio’s licensed private investigator and security guard companies. By engaging in the accreditation process, these companies will demonstrate a commitment to providing outstanding services in their communities by meeting the standards outlined in the program.

Accreditation will begin with “level 1” (available now), but will ultimately consist of several different “levels” which will be rolled out over the coming years.

Level 1

The following six standards must be met to achieve level 1 accreditation:

  1. Role and Authority
  2. Use of Force
  3. Recruitment – Selection of Candidates
  4. Performance Evaluations
  5. Critical Policies
  6. Company Records

A third-party expert (International Foundation for Protection Officers) will provide audits to ensure companies meet the standards.

NOTE: The accreditation program is only available to Ohio private investigation and security guard providers who are currently licensed and have not received discipline by the Ohio Department of Public Safety in the past 12 months.

How to Apply

  1. Download the OPISSC Voluntary Accreditation Program Application (PSU 0065)
  2. When completing the application, make sure the information you provide matches the information PISGS has on file for your company. If it does not, please update your information with PISGS prior to completing and submitting the accreditation application.

  3. Email completed application to PISGAccreditation@dps.ohio.gov OR
    Mail to: PISGS, 1970 West Broad Street, P.O. Box 182001, Columbus, Ohio 43218-2001

If application is approved, you will be contacted by the third-party auditor to provide additional documentation. If application is not approved, OPISSC will contact you with further instructions.


Companies with Level 1 Accreditation

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

Forensics Evidence Detective and Protective Agency

Health and Safety Sciences, LLC. DBA: Talon Group



I have met all of the requirements of Chapter 4749 of the Ohio Revised Code and have a current license to provide investigation and security services in Ohio.

Why would I want to participate in the Voluntary Accreditation Program?

Companies who successfully meet the accreditation standards will be notated on the PISGS website for public viewing, which can set you apart from other licensed companies.

How much does it cost to apply for accreditation?

The OPISSC does not charge for this, however the third party auditing company can charge up to $250.00 to complete the audit, as agreed upon by OPISSC.

How long after I submit the application should I expect to hear something?

You should be contacted either by OPISSC or IFPO within five business days.

If we do not have armed employees, can we still apply for accreditation?

Yes, companies with no armed employees can apply for accreditation and will be exempt from meeting standard 1.2: Use of Force.

Do I have to renew the accreditation annually with my license?

No, the Level 1 Accreditation is good for four years. The renewal process will be announced at a later date.

Who from the IFPO will complete the audits, and what are their credentials?

The audits will be led by IFPO Executive Director, Sandi Davies. Ms. Davies has been with the IFPO for 28 years and has 32 years of security experience. She is a member of the Private Security Guidelines and Standards Board and serves on the Board of Directors for the Institution for Professional Excellence. Ms. Davies has been a member of ASIS International for 27 years and currently serves as chair of the Security Services Council of ASIS International. She is also the author/editor of 14 'Best Seller' Security text books and has written over 25 articles for industry publications.