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PISGS WebCheck

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PISGS WebCheck

WebCheck Information

BCI fingerprint background checks are required for registrations; FBI fingerprint background checks are only required for those applicants that want to be Firearm Bearer (FAB). BCI and FBI fingerprint background checks submitted with a registration or FAB application will not be accepted if they are older than 30 days. Do not have the FBI WebCheck done until you are ready to submit the FAB application.

To locate a WebCheck facility, see the Attorney General's Website. Please contact the location directly to determine which criminal record checks are available, the fee, and when a check can be completed.


Electronic Fingerprint WebCheck “Reason For Fingerprint Code”

To ensure PISGS receives BCI results, please select “License for private investigator/security guard,” under the “Reason Codes” on the electronic WebCheck drop down list, check the “direct copy” option and send to the PISG Ohio Department of Public Safety. The FBI selection choice should be “private investigator/security guard.” If you have any questions, please contact PISGS at 614-466-4130 for assistance.


Out of State Fingerprinting

There are times when a licensed provider will need to register an out-of-state employee. Click to view options to consider when seeking fingerprints for an Ohio background check.


Direct Copy for Faster Results

Request your background check results be sent via “direct copy” to PISGS, Ohio Department of Public Safety for faster results. This coupon - PSU 0019 Word / PDF - should be completed and taken to the WebCheck facility to ensure proper delivery of results.